The International Grantmaking Symposium

The preeminent forum grantmakers to come together and learn about the latest rules and regulations governing cross-border giving.

Coming September 2023

New York, New York

Now in its eighth year, the International Grantmaking Symposium (IGS) has become the preeminent forum for our fellow practitioners, corporate foundation colleagues, advisors, and attorneys to come together and learn about the latest rules and regulations governing cross-border giving. Launched in 2015, the IGS aimed to fill a gap in the sector by offering a training specifically tailored to the needs of professionals dedicated to advancing international philanthropy. We focus on rules in the US, as well as country laws impacting the ability of foreign nonprofits to receive funding from outside of their country’s borders.

On the Benefits of the International Grantmaking Symposium

"I'd describe it as an experience of learning, not just from great presenters, but also from the other delegates. The IGS really provided a space in which you could talk to others about their work and learn from best practices."

Anuar Jurandini
Grants Manager, Citi Foundation

The 2022 International Grantmaking Symposium

In 2022, philanthropists face a set of challenges, emergencies, and dynamics that make our work more difficult - but also more critical - than ever before. The effects of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, economic hardships and cost-of-living crisis, a rapidly-changing climate and a devastating war in Ukraine have created new problems for international grantmakers to solve.

CAF America’s International Grantmaking Symposium has delivered important education and training to funders and donors looking to support charities outside of the United States. The IGS returned on November 1 and 2, 2022 to address the most pressing questions facing philanthropists today with thought leaders from around the industry. View a few or the 2022 speakers below:

Mandeep Tiwana

Ivana Ro

Catherine-Lune Grayson
International Committee of the Red Cross

CAF America is proud to continue to host the International Grantmaking Symposium (IGS). In addition to hosting the IGS, CAF America is a global grantmaking organization assisting corporations, foundations, and individuals. We streamline the grantmaking process to eliminate risk and administrative burden. Through our work, we help donors support great causes by assisting them in making strategic, effective, and tax-advantaged grants internationally and domestically. CAF America and its subsidiaries have given more than $3.8 billion of donor-recommended grants to 1.8 million organizations in 135 countries around the globe.