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Jo Davies - Headshot

Jo Davies

CEO, WILD Young Parents
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Jo has 35 years’ experience in the community sector,  She specialises in vision and development, strategic influencing, collaborative working, change management, and safeguarding. Jo sits on several strategic partnership groups, and enjoys shaking things up to create change.

Jo works in this sector for the same reasons she did as a young volunteer 35 years ago – social justice, equality and hope. “I like to be bold and creative in tackling problems, and I do love an underdog!”

Role: Jo is CEO of WILD, a South West UK charity working for intergenerational change for young parents and their children. The charity has 30 staff and a turnover of £800k.

Experience: Jo has a background in charity work with children, young people and families, over 20 years of charity leadership, and strategic partnership roles with health and social care.

Learning: Jo has an MA in Education, alongside postgraduate qualifications in community work and safeguarding.

What do you foresee as the most important development in international grantmaking in the next 5 years?

Addressing the impact of climate and pandemic on the most vulnerable communities.

Working more collaboratively with charities to solve problems.

Moving from 'KPIs' to a learning system approach.

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