PANEL | Defining Your Strategy and Selecting Your Foreign Charity Partners

Steinhardt Hall June 5, 2019 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Kinga Ile
Davida Rivens
Heidi Jedlicka Halvarson
Kristen Molyneaux
Sanam Anderlini
Loren Previti

What do we want to accomplish with our philanthropy, and who can help us make it happen? The philanthropic journey begins with defining the strategy, and identifying the foreign charities to support or partner with to get there. Whether planning a single donation or an entire charitable program, there are various aspects that need to be considered right at the beginning.
The panelists will address the following questions from the perspectives of different types of donors.
  • What is your grant/program set out to accomplish? What results or change are you hoping for?
  • How does your organization develop your philanthropic strategy, and who are the players? Is it staff or board-led?
  • How might these objectives differ when going global? Are you considering the local contexts?
  • How are you integrating input from local level, including from organizations you are partnering with or supporting? What are the available tools and best practices for selecting your charity partners?
  • How do you ensure efficiency and flexibility in your strategy? Will you pursue an open RFP/RFA process, or identify partners for an invite-only process?
  • Should we be thinking about “impact framework”?
  • How do you develop an effective application process to determine if the applicants are the right fit?
  • What are the possible pitfalls of failing to define benchmarks, to monitor, or not adjusting course when needed?
  • Are there any other projects or efforts, whether your own or undertaken by others, that you may need to consider? Consider SDG alignment, avoiding duplicating efforts, etc