The global pandemic has forced donors and grantees to pivot in fundamental ways. Donors are rethinking their approaches to giving, showing renewed commitment to greater flexibility, offering funding for operational support and frontline services, responding to structural racism and rising calls for change, and seeking more collaborative partnerships with grantees to drive and amplify impact. The global pandemic has affected nearly every nonprofit across the globe. While many organizations have been forced to close during the past year, those with sustained operations have shown remarkable grit and determination in the face of new challenges. 

Meanwhile, under the auspices of increasing transparency and combating criminal activity, many governments enacted more stringent laws that impact civil society, including laws that restrict the flow of foreign charitable funding into their countries. Other countries have moved in an opposing direction, creating an enabling environment to support the sector with incentives for donors and safety nets for civil society. The IGS will explore the implications of the changing regulatory landscape within the larger context and role of philanthropy.

The International Grantmaking Symposium 2021 (IGS) will provide the tools to ensure compliance with domestic and international laws and explore the immediate and long-term implications of current trends on domestic and cross-border philanthropy. 

Who Should Attend?

The Symposium is tailored to grantmaking professionals, CSR managers, foundation leaders, corporate executives, attorneys, and philanthropic advisors committed to advancing international philanthropy.


This November 8th, the Symposium will be hosted in a virtual format to be sensitive to participant circumstances without forfeiting the high quality for which the event is known. Safety is our primary concern, and we are committed to hosting a meaningful and engaging experience online.

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Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide


Recommended reading for any professional in philanthropy, Cross-Border Giving features 17 expert authors and covers a multitude of topics including: ethical grantmaking, the closing space for civil society, equivalency determination & expenditure responsibility, preparing for an audit, and many more. Now available in eBook format!


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