The 2019 International Grantmaking Symposium will be presented by CAF America in partnership with The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania. The IGS is a two-day educational training on the ins and outs of international grantmaking, bringing together leaders in international philanthropy to discuss the vision, the implementation, and the impact of your philanthropic initiatives.

Who Should Attend?

The Symposium is recommended to nonprofit organizations, corporations and corporate foundations, philanthropic advisors committed to international philanthropy.

The Symposium provides a forum for grantmaking professionals, CSR managers, foundation leaders, corporate executives, and philanthropic advisors to gain an in-depth understanding of the international grantmaking ecosystem within the context of increasingly complex regulatory frameworks.

Why Participate?

The Symposium conveys the most up-to-date information about international grantmaking, while creating a space for debate and discussion about how legal, political, social, and economic developments across the world impact philanthropic giving. With each session led by experts in their respective fields, participants will be able to connect with thought leaders and practitioners from top organizations in philanthropy.


CAF America is a global grantmaking organization assisting corporations, foundations, and individuals. We streamline the grantmaking process to eliminate risk and administrative burden. Through our work, we help donors support great causes by assisting them in making strategic, effective, and tax-advantaged grants internationally and domestically. In just the last five years CAF America has given $532 million to 4,299 charitable organizations in 107 countries around the world

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) is the only university-based center with a singular focus on philanthropy for social impact. Founded as a collaboration between the School of Social Policy & Practice and alumni of the Wharton School, it is a trusted source of knowledge and education to help donors around the world do more good.

Our multi-disciplinary team’s work is characterized by a focus on social impact, an approach that leverages the best available information, and a commitment to making our guidance available and actionable for a wide-range of impact-focused funders.

Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide

Required reading for any professional in philanthropy, Cross-Border Giving features 12 chapters written by 17 expert authors and covers a multitude of topics including: ethical grantmaking, the closing space for civil society, equivalency determination & expenditure responsibility, preparing for an audit, and many more.





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